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Chaos Castle

Chaos Castle
Chaos Castle Event
Chaos Castle Event

Chaos Castle is where MU warriors fight for prestige or prize, but there can be only one winner. To join the event, you must buy Boots of Guardsman from NPC and right-click on it. You are disguised as your enemies, where no one can tell who’s who.

How to Gain Entry to Chaos Castle

Time to entry to the event, and requirements

To get into Chaos Castle, you need the Boots of Guardsman.

Boots of Guardsman can be bought in Lorencia bar NPC Caren

You can find the time until the next entrance by right-clicking on Boots of Guardsman, as on Invisibility Cloak for Blood Castle.
To log in, click ” Ok ” in the window that appears when the timer is enabled to log in.
The character will be moved to the castle corresponding to its level, + a certain amount of Zen will be deducted.

Lorencia NPC Caren
Lorencia NPC Caren

Time to enter the Chaos Castle

Every 1 hour in the game, messages appears: “5,4,3,2,1 minute(s) left before entering Chaos Castle”. As soon as you see this message, do not hesitate and enter Chaos Castle with the Boots of Guardsman. If you do everything right, you will be taken to Chaos Castle.

Chaos Castle opens on


Chaos Castle levels and entry requirements

Chaos Castle Level
Character Level Requirements
Chaos Castle 1
From 15 to 29 level
Chaos Castle 2
From 30 to 99 level
Chaos Castle 3
From 100 to 159 level
Chaos Castle 4
From 160 to 219 level
Chaos Castle 5
From 220 to 279 level
Chaos Castle 6
From 280 to 15000 level
Chaos Castle Entry Requirements
Chaos Castle Entry Requirements

The total number of participants allowed in Chaos Castle is 100, broken down into the following:

  • If the number of players is less than 70, then the remaining participants will automatically be replaced with monsters.
  • When the player enters the Chaos Castle his appearance will be changed to a guardsman.
  • Only the appearance will be changed, but there will be no changes to the actuals.
  • To distinguish the class, the character will have a sword, staff, and crossbow, depending on their class.
  • Pets and mounts will not be enabled in Chaos Castle.

Battle Guide

  • All characters in Chaos Castle are treated as enemies, so there is no need to use the Ctrl key for PvP.
  • Players may not be able to attack each other during the waiting time.
  • You can’t create a party in Chaos Castle.
  • The personal store will be automatically closed and you will not be able to challenge or declare war on the guild.
  • You can only chat while waiting, but this feature is disabled immediately after you start.
  • Buffs can only be applied to yourself, and you can’t cast another player.
  • Players ‘ damage will be reduced by 50% while they are in Chaos Castle.
  • Your character will be distinguishable from others so they can distinguish themselves from others (your armor glitters).
  • Event Points: 2 points for killing a monster and 1 point for killing a player.
  • If there are only 2 players left after all the monsters are killed, the best player will be selected based on points.
  • The map will decrease due to the collapse of the floor around the castle’s perimeter as the number of remaining players (including monsters) decreases.
    • Level 1 (The remaining number of participants is 40).
    • Level 2 (The remaining number of participants is 30).
    • Level 3 (The remaining number of participants is 20).
  • If the player is killed, they will be resurrected in Davias.

Chaos Castle monsters

Monsters look the same as players. The number of monsters varies depending on the number of participants in Chaos Castle (Minimum 30, Maximum 98). Some monsters explode after death. The explosion deals damage and knocks the character back.

How can the character die

  1. When his HP becomes reduced to “0” after being attacked by a monster or other players.
  2. When he falls outside the castle.
  3. When the HP becomes reduced to “0” after the character gets caught in a trap.

Completing the Chaos Castle Event

  • The quest will be finished when all the other players are dead.
  • When all the monsters are killed, only one player remains before closing.
  • If more than two players are left after the quest’s end, then the ranking will be performed by the number of points.

Chaos Castle Traps

  • The number of traps decreases when the number of participants (players and monsters)increases. Become less than 50.
  • Traps deal the same amount of damage regardless of the character’s defense.
  • Traps immediately kill a character regardless of their level or defense.

Chaos Castle rewards

  • 80% of the entry fee is paid to a randomly selected participant after the start. (Example: Castle 1: 10 participants: 25 000 * 10 * 0.8 = 200 000 Zen).
  • One of the set ancient items (or Jewel of Creation, Jewel of Life, or Jewel of Chaos) is a prize for the last survivor. But in Chaos Castle level 1, you can drop Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul, or Zen.
  • Chaos Castle monsters drop ancient items.

The quest is completed! And you get a reward.

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