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About MU Episodes

About the game and our idea

Dive into a fantasy world spanning over 1,3 million square meters, ranging from the mysterious underwater city of Atlans to the skies location of Icarus.

Select from 7 iconic and customizable classes — Knight, Mage, Elf, Gladiator, Lord, Summoner or Fighter. Devastate your enemies and safeguard the mortal realm from the demon invasion. Jump into the fray and fight for your guild or alliance in epic guild wars. Coordinate tactics between allies to capture castle, get rewards, and be a king of the continent. Every player can sway the outcome of battles, so never give up!

Gain special equipment effects by enhancing, boosting, and embedding your gear with various upgrades. From glamorous to intimidating, how you look is up to you! Mix and match different skills to maximize their synergy. Adapt skill combinations to face ever-changing situations, whether it’s Player vs Monsters, Player vs Player, or Guild vs Guild.

Game Concept

MU Episodes, founded in 2022, got one of the most revolutionary and unique gameplay based on the game’s core features. We announce the first servers that will evolve from Episode to Episode and get new features on gameplay. No resets, wipes, servers relaunching, or merging game servers.

We allow players to enjoy their free time in one great community and good old game. This game and our servers gathered players from all over the world and let them play the way they like. We do not set any restrictions or excessive control over players. The game aims to create a pleasant, politically correct atmosphere without cheating and insults.

We’ve got a classic MU Online version that evolves from Season 1 to Season 18, with incredible custom features and smooth long-term gameplay for years to come.

MU Episodes Server Configuration

EPISODES - x5000

Leveling Speed Rate: Fast, 5000x;
Items Drop Rate: 30%;
Rarity Items Drop Rate: Low;
Max Character Level: 1000;
Max Stats: 65 000;
Available Characters: Knight (DK), Wizard (DW), Elf, Gladiator (MG), Lord (DL), Summoner(SU), Fighter (RF) ;
Stats Points per Level: 5-7 for all Characters;
Events: In-game Events, Community Events;
Paid Services: Buy W Coins;
Restarts: Never! No wipes, restarts, clear characters, or accounts. One game, one progress for all updates forever!


Reset System: Burn all your levels to get free 10 W Coins, Hunt & RUUD Points;

Master Reset System: Burn 100 resets & characteristics to get additional free 1 000 W Coins, Hunt & RUUD Points;

Basic Info

Easy and fun game-play without lags, bugs, or cheats, constant updates, and improvements with professional developers behind the server.

Usability & Graphic

Game FPS Update – Our game supports 30+ FPS! The game feels a lot more smooth. Say goodbye to MU lags and low fps, which you can find on most servers.

HD Game Resolutions – HD Resolutions supported up to 1920 x 1080. Say goodbye to old MU pixels quality.

Multi-Client Instances – You can use unlimited game client instances open with the fixed lag issues while pressing CTRL to PK.

Multi Character System – Now, all players can create up to 10 characters in one account directly in-game and switch throughout character pages.

Right-Click Enabled – Right-click on items to move items quickly in your inventory, warehouse, or when you are trading.

Advanced Stats – Displaying accurate characteristics of every character class depending on the Set Equipment, Character Stats Points, and Buffs.

Reconnect System – If you have ping fluctuations or a bad internet connection that usually leads to disconnect or the game client is restarted, you will automatically log into the game without the client closing.

HP Bars – It allows players to have visibility of their opponents, providing a better and more intense PvP/PVE experience.

Gameplay Features

Quest System – For more exciting and more accessible leveling, now you can make hunting and searching quests. Every quest becomes more complex and challenging, but as a reward, you will get better items and rewards for your characters, like loot boxes, premium currency, free stats points, zen, and jewels.

Duel System – If you love to PK and mostly duel with friends and foes, this new duel system will amaze you.

Monster Point System – If you love defeating monster bosses and golden creatures, you can earn Hunt Points and exchange them for valuable items in-game cash shop.

Castle Siege Event – Every Weekend. Fantastic PVP fun for every guild that’s up for the challenge.

Kantru Event – In-game Event, get rewarded with best-grade excellent items (Level 380 items)

White Rabbits Invasion – Spring Event. Hunt for White Rabbits in Noria, Devias, and Tarkan and get special rewards

Goblin Chaos Machine Settings

Chaos Mix
x5000 Success Rate
Items +10
Items +11
Items +12
Items +13
Items +14
Items +15
Chaos Weapon
Wings Level 1
Wings Level 2
Devil Square Ticket
Blood Castle Ticket
Piece of Horn
Broken Horn
Horn of Fenrir (Pet Fenrir)

Jewels Success Rates

x5000 Success Rate
Jewel of Bless
Jewel of Soul
Jewel of Life
Jewel of Harmony


Party Bonus
Bonus EXP Rate
Two Players
Two Players (Golden)
Three Players
Three Players (Golden)
Four Players
Four Players (Golden)
Five Players
Six Players
Seven Players
Eight Players
Nine Players
Ten Players

In-game commands

/post [message]
Post a message in the global chat (e.g., /post hi all). Cost: 100 000 Zen
/s [count]
Add points in Strength (e.g., /s 1000)
/a [count]
Add points in Agility (e.g., /a 1000)
/v [count]
Add points in Vitality/Stamina (e.g., /v 1000)
/e [count]
Add points in Energy (e.g., /v 1000)
Creal Player Killer status. Cost: 1 000 000 Zen
/war [guild name]
Start official war with another guild (e.g., /war SuperNova)
/soccer [guild name]
Challenge another guild to battle soccer (e.g., /soccer SuperNova)
/re [on | off | auto]
Configure in-game request system (e.g., /re off)
Clear character inventory (not equipped)
/marry to [name]
Marry with a player (e.g., /marry to Iris) Cost: 300 W Coins.
Resets all stats points for reassignment
/lock [password]
Block items move (e.g., /lock 12345)
/unlock [password]
Unblock items move (e.g., /unblock 12345)
Sale items from personal store offline
Leave character on the spot to level offline until he is killed
/setparty [password]
Create a new party with password (e.g., /setparty 12345)
/joinparty [password]
Join the party with password (e.g., /joinparty 12345)

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