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mu episodes small
/postSend a message to the whole world.
@Send a message to the guild chat.
@@Send a message to the alliance chat.
@>An announcement from the guild master.
/re onAccept requests from other players.
/re offDon’t accept requests from other players.
/re autoAutomatically accept requests from other players.
/strDistribute stats in Strength.
/agiDistribute stats in Agility.
/vitDistribute stats in Vitality.
/eneDistribute stats in Energy.
/comDistribute stats in Command.
/warDeclare war on another guild.
/soccerInvite another guild to play soccer in the arena.
/questStart Completing Tasks / Get a reward
/resetReset your character
/mresetGrand Reset of the character
/readdReset swung stats.
/remasterReset the swung stats of the skill tree completely.
/remaster <1|2|3|>Reset the swung stats of the skill tree by section.
/pkCleaning from the PC.
/lockSet a password for guest access.
/unlockRemove the password.
/attackEnable automatic attack.
/offattackEnable automatic attack in offline mode.
/ware <0|1|2|3|4>Switching the chest.
/openwareOpen the chest in a peaceful area.
AltMouse OverView monster stats.
F10Incl. Open 3d camera.
F11Resetting the 3d camera.
F12Minimize the game window.
Shift Right ClickSelling items in a post
ShiftDisplaying things in a post
/summonCalling the Assistant
/renameChanging the character’s name
On / Off attack without holding down CTRLHold down the right mouse button, and simultaneously press CTRL 2 times

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