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Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide

The beginning of the beginning

How to successfully & easily start playing MU Episodes

This guide will be helpful for all newbies who are new to this game and want to learn quickly and get beneficial information about pumping fast and achieving better results. But before that, you must have the following completed:

So let’s make an easy start!


Info experiance

1. Free wings for newbies

If you play as a Mage, Warrior, or Gladiator, your first town will be Lorencia. If for an elf – Noria.

In one of these towns, try to find Leo the Helper. Talk to him He will offer you an item, and once you accept, he will give you free small wings for your character.

These wings will provide you with more protection and power when hunting monsters. Please note wings have a 3-day limit. In 3 days, they will become unusable

Put on those wings and move on to the next step

Screenshot 20230216 080107
Screenshot 20230216 080107

2. Starter Gifts

You have two starter gifts in your inventory (“I”/”V” hotkeys).
Throw out two rings when you reach character levels 40 and 80.
For Lv.40 Ring, you will get 300 000 Zen. We recommend spending them on Skills in shops or teleporting to more dangerous locations.
For Lv.80 Ring, you will get a pet Rudolf for 3 days. This pet can collect zen from monsters. 

Also from November 2023, we add command /gift for all new players. Type this command in to the chat and get freebies items

Screenshot 20230216 081403
Screenshot 20230216 081403

3. Get newbie buff

We recommend speaking with this NPC as often as you need. You can get buff up to 400 Lvl of your character. And sometimes check quests from this NPC. You will get leveled up fast for killing quests monsters or for only talking with Shadow Phantom Soldier

Screenshot 20230216 085111
Screenshot 20230216 085111

4. Hunting

We recommend you start your hunt with those monsters that fall under the quest line. After completing quests, you will receive helpful rewards, such as additional stat points for the character, loot boxes, experience, and Hunt Points (same name: W Coin (P)). This in-game currency can buy rare items via Cash Shop (“X” hotkey).

To open the quest window, find the arrow on the right side and click on it.

After completing all the quest requirements, go to the “Reward” section and click the “Get Reward” button to receive a prize. The prize will be added to your character or account.

We currently offer more than 150 monster-hunting quests. The quest line is constantly replenished with new quests.

More about quests can learn on Monster-Hunting Quests Page

Screenshot 20230216 090628
Screenshot 20230216 090628
Screenshot 20230216 091127
Screenshot 20230216 091127

5. In free time from hunting

We recommend visiting the shops in the main town, such as Lorencia, Noria, and Devias. There you will find NPCs selling essential items for your characters. Weapons, protection items, skills, potions for health, and manna. And also pets that improve characteristics.

You can also trade items that don’t fit your game character or that you no longer need but still have value.
We recommend creating a second account for trading because you can leave one character to trade in the town online or offline and continue hunting monsters and leveling by the main character.

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