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In-Game Quests

In-Game Quests
1Spiders10Basic excelent sword/bow/staff +13 +skill +luck +options for 2 days
2Skeletons50Basic Exc helm +7 +luck +options for 2 days
3Larvas50Basic Exc armor +7 +luck +options for 2 days
4Worms100Basic Exc pants +7 +luck +options for 2 days
5Ice Monsters200Basic Exc gloves +7 +luck +options for 2 days
6Hommerds200Basic Exc boots +7 +luck +options for 2 days
7Assasins200Golden medal
8Yeties500Golden medal
9Cyclops10Golden medal
10Elite Yeties1000Golden medal
11Death Bone (Skeleton Invasion)1Golden medal
12Hell Spiders200Golden medal
13Hell Hounds200Golden medal
14Chief Skeleton Warriors200Golden medal
15Dark Knights500Golden medal
16Thunder Lichs500Golden medal
17Poison Bull Fighters1000Golden medal
18Shadows1000Box of Luck
19Poison Shadows1000Box of Luck
20Bahamuts1000Jewel of Chaos
21Vepars1000Jewel of Chaos
22Cursed Wizards2000Wings Talisman
23Death Cows2000Box of Luck
24Valkyries2000Box of Luck
25Devils2000Box of Luck
26Death Knights2000Box of Luck
27Death Gorgons2000Box of Luck
28Great Bahamuts5000Box of Kundun +1
29Silver Valkyries5000Box of Kundun +1
30Lizard Kings5000Box of Kundun +1
31Death Trees5000Box of Kundun +1
32Mutants5000Box of Kundun +1
33Forest Orcs5000Box of Kundun +1
34Bloody Wolfs5000Box of Kundun +1
35Death Riders5000Box of Kundun +1
36Alquamoses5000Box of Kundun +1
37Mega Crusts5000Box of Kundun +2
38Iron Wheels5000Box of Kundun +2
39Queen Rainiers5000Box of Kundun +2
40Tantaloses10000Box of Kundun +2
41Blue Golems10000Box of Kundun +2
42Alpha Crusts10000Box of Kundun +2
43Beam Knights10000Box of Kundun +2
44Witch Queens10000Box of Kundun +2
45Drakans10000Box of Kundun +2
46Ice Queen (Mini-boss)1Jewel of Excellent
47Gorgon (Mini-boss)1Jewel of Excellent
48Balrog (Mini-boss)1Jewel of Excellent
49Hydra (Mini-boss)1Jewel of Excellent
50Splinter Wolfs10000Box of Kundun +3
51Iron Riders10000Box of Kundun +3
52Satyroses10000Box of Kundun +3
53Blade Hunters10000Box of Kundun +3
54Kentauroses10000Box of Kundun +3
55Gigantises10000Box of Kundun +3
56Berserkers10000Box of Kundun +3
57Genociders10000Box of Kundun +3
58Twin Tales10000Box of Kundun +3
59Personas10000Box of Kundun +3
60Dreadfears10000Box of Kundun +3
61Nightmare (Boss)1Box of Kundun +3
62Ogre Archers1000Box of Kundun +4
63Giant Ogres1000Box of Kundun +4
64Hero Mutants1000Box of Kundun +4
65Gigas Golems1000Box of Kundun +4
66Necrons1000Box of Kundun +4
67Death Angels1000Box of Kundun +4
68Chaos Castle Warriors1000Box of Kundun +4
69Lizard Warriors1000Box of Kundun +4
70Great Drakans1000Box of Kundun +4
71Dark Skull Soldiers1000Box of Kundun +5
72Magic Skeletons1000Box of Kundun +5
73Metal Balrogs1000Box of Kundun +5
74Phanton Knights1000Box of Kundun +5
75Chief Skeleton Archers1000Box of Kundun +5
76Chief Skeleton Warriors1000Box of Kundun +5
77Schrikers1000Box of Kundun +5
78Red Skeleton Knights1000Box of Kundun +5
79Hammer Scouts100Box of Kundun +5
80Lance Scouts100Jewel of Excellent
81Bow Scouts100Jewel of Excellent
82Werewolfs100Jewel of Excellent
83Scouts (Heros)100Jewel of Excellent
84Werewolfs (Heros)100Jewel of Excellent
85Balrams100Jewel of Excellent
86Sorams100Jewel of Excellent
87Red Dragons32.5 Wings part fro craft (by classes)
88Golden Titans3Pet Egg
89Golden Vepars31st Lucky Helm, Armor, Pants, Gloves, Boots Ticket
90Golden Wheels31st Lucky Helm, Armor, Pants, Gloves, Boots Ticket
91Berserker Warriors1000Jewel of Excellent
92Kentauros Warriors1000Jewel of Excellent
93Gigantis Warriors1000Jewel of Excellent
94Genocider Warriors1000Jewel of Excellent

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