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How to add characteristics

How to add characteristics

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Character characteristics are an integral part of the game because, thanks to them, your character becomes stronger and gets more defense, speed, health, and magic power. However, you may have difficulties in the distribution of characteristics because the pumping is relatively fast, and the number of free points will increase quickly. This page shows you how to quickly distribute your character’s stat points.

Watch the video guide or see the text guide below.

Basic method

  1. Open character window in game (Hotkey: “C”);
  2. Add free points by clicking on “+” buttons;
By 1 click you can add 1 points. 
MU Character Window
Step 1 - Press "C"
MU Add Stats Point Basic
Step 2 - Click on "+" buttons to add points

Advanced method

  1. Open character window in the game (Hotkey: “C”);
  2. Click on the needed row with the stats points;
  3. Add final stats points result in pop-up window;
In this way, you can immediately specify the final result, for example, 3000. The game itself will add the necessary number of your free points to get a result of 3000. You can also reduce your current indicators for distribution. For example, if you have 6000 points in energy and need 4000, you can specify 4000 points, and 2000 points will be returned as free for distribution.
MU Character Window
Step 1 - Press "C"
MU Add Stats Point Advanced 1
Step 2 - Click on the row with stats
MU Add Stats Point Advanced 2
Step 3 - Type final stats points

Chat command method

  1. Open chat in the game (Hotkey: “Enter”);
  2. Type one of the commands with a count of points to add;
Command list:
/s <points>
/a <points>
/v <points>
/e <points>
/c <points>
/s 453
MU Add Stats Point Chat command
Step 1 - Press "Enter" and type command

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