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Game Update v1.0

Published: September 24, 2023
Game Update v1.0


  • Max Master Level now 49 000
  • New fog effects on some maps
  • Added zen drop (old parameter * 100) 
  • Added jewels, boxes, and quest items to the shop (Lorencia Bar)
  • Added check/block hardware id/ip (server side)
  • Increased max monsters base to 14,000/server. Now more monsters will be spawned on all maps
  • Added more options (Hotkey: “Esc – Options”)
  • Added additional anti lag system (Hotkey: “O”)
  • Summoners and Rage Fighter now free characters
  • New items in the Cash Shop
  • Optimized UX on the main website
  • Added new rankings on the X5000 website
  • Fixed some item descriptions
  • Fixed item requirements for most items (but still testing them). We have 1800 items and all need to test manually
  • Fixed wings options. Now they display real options that you have. Old wings showed fake options that confused players
  • Fixed character delete level
  • Fixed Blood Castle drop archangel item when the player is disconnected
  • Fixed some skills hack double-check
  • Fixed mana shield mastered add + mana
  • Fixed some party buff skills
  • Fixed critical damage rate for some buffs
  • Some other small fixes

Download the new game client with all fixes from the website or update the client via the launcher.

I still recommend downloading the full game client to minimize risks with some visual bugs. 

Have fun. New items in drop new spots, and new loot will be added on September 25 New guides on the website and new features will be added in October.

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Last Updated: December 28, 2022. Game installer size: 1.4 Gb

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