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Mastery Quests

Mastery Quests

There are currently 5 playable characters. Only the Dark Knight, Dark Wizard and Fairy Elf have progression quests.

Startting Class
Dark Wizard
Dark Knight
Fairy Elf
Magic Gladiator
Dark Lord
Second Mastery Class
Soul Master
Blade Master
Muse Elf

Quest for 2nd Mastery Class


  • Level 150
  • 1kk (1,000,000) Zen
  • Starting Class: Dark KnightDark Wizard or Fairy Elf.

After you become level 150 and have 1kk Zen, you must go to Sebina the Priest (Devias – 184, 31)

Quests Tasks

The first task will be to get the Scroll of Emperor!

You can purchase the Scroll of Emperor in Lorencia’s bar from the NPC Lumen the Barmaid
Or if you like items hunting, you can try to find this item from the following locations:

Scroll of The Emperor
Scroll of The Emperor
Dungeon 3
Poison Bull, Thunder Lich, Dark Knight
Atlans 1-2
Bahamut, Vepar, Valkyrie
Lost Tower 1-4
Shadow, Cursed Wizards, Death Cow

After you have found the Scroll of Emperor, make sure to bring it back to Sebina the Priest so she can give you the next task.

Your second task will be to retrieve an item depending on what Starting Class you have.

NOTE: You will need an additional 3kk (3,000,000) Zen to complete this task.

You can loot those items from the following locations:

Starting Class
Dark Wizard
Soul of Wizard
Dark Knight
Broken Sword
Fairy Elf
Tear of Elf
Atlans 2-3
Great Bahamut, Silver Valkyrie, Lizard King
Lost Tower 4-7
Death knight, Death Gorgon

After you have found the item corresponding to your starter class, please bring it back to Sebina the Priest to complete your Class Progression Quest and become your 2nd Class!

Extra Marlon Quest

Marlon is an NPC Guard who changes location. You can find him in one of these locations:

140, 89
200, 48
171, 90
19, 26


  • Level 220
  • 5kk (3,000,000) Zen
  • Starting Class: Blade Master, Soul Master or Fairy Elf

Your first task will be to retrieve the Ring of Honor.

You can loot the ring in one of the following locations:

Quests Tasks

Your first task will be to retrieve the Ring of Honor.

You can loot the ring in one of the following locations:

Ring of Honor
Ring of Honor
Mutant, Tantalos, Beam Knight
Alquamoss, Mega Crust
Death Tree, Forest Orc

After you find the ring, you must bring it back to Marlon. Depending on your second class, you might receive an extra task: to retrieve the Dark Stone.

The Dark Stone can be looted from the same location where you previously found the Ring of Honor.

Dark Stone
Dark Stone

Completing Marlon’s quest will unlock the following:

  • Combo attacks (for Blade Master).
  • Soul Master will be able to learn Nova and Enhanced Wizardry.
  • You will get 6 stat points instead of 5 when levelling up.

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