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Medusa Invasion

Medusa Invasion
Find Medusa in one of Swamp of Peace places

In the mystical world of MU Online, a sinister and recurring event unfolds every hour – the Medusa Invasion. Medusa, the swift herald of Kundun, is a monstrous creature with a serpentine tail that strikes fear into the hearts of even the bravest heroes. With her potent magic, she wields the ability to paralyze any hero who dares to challenge her in an attempt to cleanse the Swamp of Peace from the encroaching darkness.

Medusa’s origin is shrouded in the mysteries of ancient MU. It is believed that she was created by the malevolent forces that serve Kundun, the supreme malevolent being. Her purpose is to guard the Swamp of Peace, a sacred relic that holds the balance of the MU world, preventing it from succumbing to the malevolence that lurks beyond.

As the clock strikes each hour, the air grows heavy with trepidation, for the Medusa Invasion draws near. Heroes from every corner of the continent gather, knowing that the time has come to face the swift and menacing creature. The invasion is sudden and chaotic, as Medusa emerges from the shadows, her serpentine tail poised for deadly strikes.

She possesses a formidable array of magical abilities, and her most dreaded power is her paralytic gaze. Heroes who attempt to confront her are at risk of being immobilized by this sinister magic, rendering them powerless and vulnerable to her devastating attacks. The challenge is great, for only the strongest and most coordinated of heroes can hope to withstand her onslaught.

The stakes are high in the battle against Medusa, for the Seal Map of Peace is a vital artifact that shields the continent from the malevolent forces that continually threaten to engulf it. Heroes must work together, devising strategies to overcome Medusa’s magic and strike her down before she can unleash her destructive powers.

The Medusa Invasion is both a test of courage and a race against time. Heroes must rise to the occasion, conquering their fears and joining forces to protect the Seal Map of Peace from the relentless forces of darkness. The outcome of this recurring battle will determine the fate of the MU world, and only the most valiant and skilled heroes can hope to emerge victorious against Medusa’s deadly invasion.

Boss Medusa

Minimal damage
Maximal damage
Attack rate
Defence rate
Attack Speed

Time to enter Medusa's Invasion

Every 1 hour in the game, messages appear: “[Invasion] The Medusa Invasion Has Begun!”. As soon as you see this message, do not¬†waste time and go to Swamp of Peace and find Medusa

Medusa invasion entry requirements

You must be a member of one of the Gens families, as this location is a combat zone.

Medusa Invasion starts on


Medusa Invasion Rewards

Excelent Sword Breaker, Flameberge, Rune Bastard Sword, Frost Mace, Absolute Scepter, Dark Stinger, Eternal Wing Stick, Inberial Staff, Crimson Glory, Salamander Shield, Frost Barrier, Guardian Shield, Cross Shield +1 – 5 sockets

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