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Chicken Invasion

Chicken Invasion
red chicken
You can find Red Chickens in one of locations: Lorenica or Noria

In the enchanting realm of MU Online, an event that unfurls each evening brings both laughter and chaos – the Chicken Run Invasion. This whimsical and endearing occurrence is centered around the Chicken, small enchanted creatures that have evaded the grasp of the goblins in the towns of Lorencia and Noria. These creatures, while seemingly ordinary, hold within them a surprise of great value – the Chaos Cards, which the goblins covet for they conceal the most potent weapons and wings.

The Chickens are not typical barnyard fowl but rather magical beings with feathers that shimmer with an otherworldly radiance. These seemingly mundane creatures possess an uncanny ability to carry within them the most extraordinary items, hidden away in their feathers. It is the Chaos Cards that conceal the most powerful and coveted artifacts of the MU world.

The Chicken Run Invasion unfolds with each passing day, and the anticipation of the event draws heroes from across the land. These charming but elusive Chickens appear as the harbingers of delight and mystery. In a flurry of feathers and clucks, they descend upon the towns of Lorencia and Noria, delighting onlookers with their antics and taunting the goblins who seek to capture them.

For heroes, the Chicken Run Invasion is an opportunity for fun and reward.

The event is not just about securing powerful artifacts but also about embracing the lighter side of the MU world. It showcases the playfulness and charm that coexist alongside the epic battles and quests. Heroes are encouraged to indulge in the jovial spirit of the Chicken Run Invasion, celebrating the delight of the Chickens’ antics and reveling in the challenge of outwitting the goblins.

The Chicken Run Invasion is a lighthearted and delightful event that punctuates the ongoing adventures in the MU world. It is a testament to the multifaceted nature of this magical realm, where the mundane and the extraordinary blend seamlessly, and where even the smallest creatures can hold the key to great power and amusement.

Monster Chicken

Minimal damage
Maximal damage
Attack rate
Defence rate
Attack Speed

Time to enter Chicken Invasion

Every 1 hour in the game, messages appear: “[Chicken Run] Event started in Lorencia and Noria”. As soon as you see this message, do not waste time and go to find Chicken in one of locations (Lorencia or Noria)

Chicken Run starts on


Chicken Invasion Rewards

Chaos Card

Exchange Chaos Card in Elbeland Chaos Card Master

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