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Arka War

Arka War
Sir Lesnar
Find Sir Lesnar in Noria. Coordinates 185:105

Acheron, steeped in ancient magic and guarded by celestial forces, holds the promise of both glory and peril. It’s a realm where legends are being tested, where guilds vie for coveted rewards and the honor of their names. It’s a sacred tradition, a crucible for forging alliances, and a means of conflict resolution.

Each week, as the sun dips below the horizon, guilds assemble with purpose and determination. Under the guidance of Sir Lesnar, they enter Acheron, ready to prove their mettle on the battlefield. The air is thick with anticipation and camaraderie, as well as the echoes of battles that have shaped the legends of MU.

The Arka War is more than just combat; it’s a celebration of unity and honor. Guilds face challenges, vying for control of the Arka, a powerful artifact said to hold the essence of the MU world itself. The battles are fierce and strategic, with alliances forming and shifting, and with the destiny of the Arka resting on the shoulders of the bravest.

How to Gain Entry to Arka War

Go to Acheron on your own, or find Ser Lesnar’s guide in the Noria, who will teleport you to that location. In Acheron, go to the portal located at coordinates 85:200 and start a battle with other guilds for a reward.

Time & Requirements to enter the Arka War

The event takes place once a week at 21:10 server time.

To get to the event and take part in it, you must be a member of one of the guilds. You can also start your own guild and test your skills as a Guild Master in this event.

Also, you must be a member of one of the Gens families, as this location is a combat zone.

Arka War starts on


Arka War Rewards

Guild member role
Guild Master (owner)
1000 W Coins, 1000 Hunt Points, 1000 Goblin Points (RUUD)
Guild Member (all other roles)
100 W Coins, 100 Hunt Points, 100 Goblin Points (RUUD)

Arka War event Video Guide

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