MU Episodes

Transfer Guild

Transfer Guild

If you are a guild leader and you have people ready to play, come to us and get bonuses. The size of the bonus depends on the number of people who have transferred. If you are ready to play with us, just leave a request in our Discord Channel and wait for the bonus to be credited.

All guilds are validated and monitored, so they will not work to deceive us. All bonuses are awarded to the guild leader & guild members. No bonuses other than those listed below can be expected.

IMPORTANT! All players who have been listed by Guild Master must reach one reset, after which the bonus will be issued.
IMPORTANT! All clan members will be tested for a twink.

Your guild will receive the following:
3000 W Coins + 300 W Coins/player to guild owner and 1500 W Coins to guild player;

📩 Send the following information in Disocrd to the game administrator (ADM) MU Episodes:
– Name of the guild;
– Link to your guild chat/discord/group or another link where you communicate with members.

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