MU Episodes

Game Roadmap

Game Roadmap

Game Episodes

Our idea and game development plan

MU Episodes – a unique game project that offers players the constant development of the game universe. Each episode includes novelties. New characters, new game events, quests, locations… If you are tired of servers with hundreds of unconfigured game functions – we recommend you try our game. Each episode will include well-defined events. All things will be available through gameplay. The new characters will be balanced and equally strong. And the recent locations are entirely inhabited by monsters.

Episode 1: Prologue

February - March, 2023

Character: Knight, Wizard, Elf, Gladiator;
Events: Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Devil Square, Castle Siege;
Quests: 156 new hunts & find quests;
Locations: 12 Unique towns & locations;
Items: Basic items, 1 and 2nd level wings;

Episode 2: Dark Lord is coming

March - April, 2023

New Character: Dark Lord
New Events: CryWolf, Loren Deep;
New Quests: 48 new hunts & find quests;
New Locations: CryWolf;
New Items: Dark Lord (DL) items & cape, 2.5 level wings, new items;

Episode 3: Evolution

April - May, 2023

New Characters Class Profession;
New Function: Characters Skill Tree;
New Quests: 32 new hunts & find quests;
New Locations: Barracks, Refuge, Swamp of Calmness;
New Items: 3rd level wings, new items;

Episode 4: The Coming of The Freya

May - June, 2023

New Character: Summoner;
New Events: Illusion Temple;
New Quests: 12 new hunts & find quests;
New Locations: Elbeland, La Cleon, Vulcanus;
Socket system with items, NPCs, and level 1 spheres;
New Items: Summoner items;

Episode 5: Celestial Gear

June - July, 2023

New Gens system & Gens Quests;
New Events: Imperial Fortress, Double Goer;
New Quests: 10 new hunts & find quests;
New Items: 2 and 3 level spheres, new socket items;

Episode 6: Insurrection

July - August, 2023

Mass PVP & Survival Events;
New Quests: 23 new hunt & find quests;
New Locations: 
New Items: new spheres, new 3.5 level wings, new mastery items;

Episode 7: Conquest of territories

August - September, 2023

Episode 8: Unknown Fighter

September - October, 2023

Episode 9: War of Heroes

October - November, 2023

Episode 10: New Era

November - December, 2023

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