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Russian aggression prevents from developing the game

Published: December 20, 2022
Russian aggression prevents from developing the game

Greetings, everyone!

Due to a communication problem with part of the marketing and development team in Ukraine due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, we are temporarily freezing all work on updates, development, and advertising and postponing the launch indefinitely.

Our technical support service from Istanbul and DevOps team is currently working on the project, which will maintain the servers and order in the game.

The project will not be stopped, and you can continue to play the game without worrying about it closing or losing your achievements.

Enjoy the game, leave your suggestions to improve the game, and point us to bugs. We, in turn, will try to make the gameplay enjoyable during your testing and provide access to the game and its services 24/7

The Russian government and all its supporters remain guilty of this war and its global consequences that affect Ukrainians and the world. We expect the war’s end as soon as possible, the victory of Ukraine over the invading Russia, and we will open the door for players in a time of peace without war and crisis.

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