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MU Episodes Update #8

Published: February 22, 2023
MU Episodes Update #8

Greetings everyone! We have done a new update with some fixes and improvements.


  • Events:

✅ Blood Castle is now available without limits.
✅ New drop in Blood Castle Event.
✅ Rebalanced Golden Invasion, Dragon invasion, Kundun.
✅ Fixed CryWolf Altars.
✅ Fixed CryWolf Reward. The guide page will be later.
✅ New drop on the Maya event. The guide page will be later.
✅ New drop on BC & CC. The guide page will be later.

  • Gameplay:

✅ At the request of the players. Dynamic experience will become constant from 40 to 100 resets (will not decrease from reset to reset).
✅ Enabled killing party members.
✅ Doubled the durability of items.
🔥 Acc+Exc items now drop from the Kundun with a high probability.
🔥 You will get +100 000 HP for every Grand Reset of your character. Grand Reset will be available from the following week.
✅ Killers (PKs) will no longer lose items on death. We decided that this is not a good practice for such a server.
✅ Hunt & find quests are now much longer. This is because the new quests will have quite good rewards, and to get to them. You will need to work on the basic quests for a long time.
✅ Bolo NPC stops selling Jewels and Feathers.
✅ Fixed Penetration elf skill.
✅ Changed Combo DMG for DK.
✅ Fixed Elf PVP damage (Elf vs Elf, Elf vs DK).
✅ Fixed pet’s durability.
✅ DL & MG characters can now be created from 1 level.

  • Interface:

✅ Added a new interface at the request of the players. You can chose your favorite on game options (Esc -> Options)
✅ Fixed Tier markings of Thunder Hawk items for MG.
✅ Fixed announcement message in Portugal languages.
✅ Fixed the issue with joining the game after the login window.
✅ Fixed Death Stab skill visual bug.
✅ Fixed Arena (Stadium) minimap.
✅ Decreased attack speed (only visual effect in the game) to reduce graphic memory usage.
🔥 All items Items from S7 to S17 have fixed visual effects.
✅ Added new server name “FUN” on the login window.
✅ Added markers on the map for Devias & Dungeon (TAB button to use).
✅ Fixed some minor bugs on the client.
✅ Added Teleport to CryWolf via “M” button. Disabled “/move” command.

  • New:

✅ Added Master Reset button. Needed 15000 level, 100 resets. Reward – additional 100 000 HP.
🔥 New character – DL.
✅ DL items are now in drop.
✅ Box of Kundun now drops Exc items from 1 to 7(FO) options.
✅ Added DL items to drop from Boxes of Kundun.
✅ Multi-Shot, Destruction and Flame Strike skills now in drop & sale in the shop (NPC Bolo).
🔥 New FO Shop for DL. Location: Lorencia 117 117.
✅ Added New Wings & Capes for W Coins in Devias Wings Shop (Devias 226 40).
✅ Added Kundun to the Land of Trials.
✅ Added four spots to the Land of Trials.
🔥 DL Max Total Stat now 325 000. Now you can make all stats 65 000.

  • Other:

✅ Closed Hardcore Server.


✅ New design for User Website
✅ We started writing guides on the Main Website.
✅ Disabled fake online. Now we display real online on the User Website.
✅ Fixed website Grand Resets ranking.
✅ Added server status page.
✅ Added character online status in rankings.

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