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MU Episodes Update #7

Published: February 9, 2023
MU Episodes Update #7

Greetings everyone! We have done a new update with some fixes and improvements.


✅ Added newbies shop with items in Devias (186 148) – Zienna Merchant.
✅ Added MG Full Items shop in Lorencia (130 120) – Thompson Kenel.
✅ Increased the amount of zen drop by 15x.
✅ Fixed some errors with Chaos Machine.
✅ MG got 2 points per level from 1 level.
✅ Fixed EXP formula for all maps. Now leveling is faster on high maps.
✅ Fixed auto reward for reset.
✅ Added Accessories & FO Wings shop in Devias (225 40) – Wizard Izabel.
✅ All Wings (from 2 to 4) now can be equipped on 2nd profession (1st for MG).
✅ New points with spots on all maps. Press TAB to check where the monsters spot.
✅ Slightly increased the chance of upgrading items from +9 to +15.
✅ We have raised the success % in the chaos machine at the players’ requests.
✅ We have improved PVP and PVE damage.
✅ Increased chance of upgrading items from +7 to +9 and chance to set additional options with Jewel of Life.
✅ Fixed Plasma Storm skill.
✅ Guild members can now PVP with other guild members.
✅ Changes with PVP balance.


✅ All functions are now available for the FUN server.
✅ Сharacter rating is now based on the top 50.
✅ The voting system for the server has been disabled due to player abuse. Only 2% of players fulfilled the voting conditions, entered their nickname, and passed the captcha.
✅ The ranking on the main page shows the top characters by resets.

Download the new game patch or update the game via the launcher. Have Fun! 

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