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MU Episodes Alpha Update #6 (Pre-release)

Published: January 21, 2023
MU Episodes Alpha Update #6 (Pre-release)

Greetings everyone! We have done a new update with some fixes and drop improvements.


✅ In-game FPS optimization.
✅ Added Fog on all maps for a better isometric 3D view.
✅ Added additional descriptions for items. Now items gots a “Grades”. This information will help newbie players understand the quality and rarity of items.
✅ Added 45 new hunting quests with goods for newbies.
✅ Map movement via “M” cost increased.
✅ Disabled chat commands /zen & /move.
✅ Disabled store with Wings & Jewels.
✅ Fixed Errors 1500 – 1636 in global announcement messages.
✅ Characters Health Points configurated.
✅ Fixed problem with auto-updates when the launcher downloads empty files.
✅ Added more chat and character names filters.
✅ Increased chance of getting more Excellent options in items (from the drop, crafting, events reward…):


✅ Disabled all paid services.

Today, we will upload a new launcher and game patch for the update.
Check updated files here after 23:00 (GMT):

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