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MU Episodes Alpha Update #5

Published: January 15, 2023
MU Episodes Alpha Update #5

Greetings everyone! We have done a new update with some fixes and drop improvements.


✅ Increased monster damage.
✅ Disabled party level limitation. 🔥
✅ Improvements with items and zen drop rate.
✅ Decreased monsters count in Arena spots.
✅ Increased Boss-es damage, HP, and defense.
✅ Added map with spots (Press TAB). Attention! Most of the markers on the maps are fake for testing. For a few weeks, all markers will be actual.
✅ Fixed Blood Castle and Devil Castle entry levels.
✅ Monster invasions now will be more often. 🔥
✅ Fixed some in-game notice messages.
✅ Reduced Excellent items drop rate for all maps.
✅ Increased Excellent items drop rate for events Maps:
– Blood Castle – x4;
– Chaos Castle – x10;
– Devil Square – x6;
✅ Added Ancient items drop rate for events Maps:
– Chaos Castle = 5% chance;
– Kalima 1-7 = 0.1 – 0.7% chance;
– Devil Square = 0.5% chance;


✅ The new website has already started, and all functions will be available for a few weeks.

Please upload a patch for regular game playing Game Patch. Extract all files from the Updater folder to your game client.

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