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MU Episodes Alpha Update #4

Published: January 3, 2023
MU Episodes Alpha Update #4

Greetings everyone! We have done a new update with the latest features! The server will be shut down for planned maintenance and OS update. All offstore and offatack players will be reconnected aftercare automatically.


✅ Added synchronization with discord and in-game events.
✅ Added synchronization with discord and in-game market chat.
✅ Added game launcher with auto-updates function. 🔥
✅ Removed custom jewels from the NPCs.
✅ The monster and player HP bar is now optional for gamers, and you can turn them on/off in-game options (Esc -> Options -> HP Bar).
✅ The monster’s HP was reduced.
✅ Corrected drop rate for Exc items and Jewels in all locations.
✅ Temporarily disabled Non-PVP server.
✅ Added monsters into the Arena map. 🔥
✅ Changes prices in Cash Shop (W Coins store), and we add items for Goblin Points and Hunt Points.
✅ Changed dynamic Experience formula.

We recommend downloading a new game client from these links: MEGA or Google Drive.
Or download an updated patch and extract it to your MU Episodes game folder from this link: Official Website.

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Last Updated: December 28, 2022. Game installer size: 1.4 Gb

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