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MU Episodes Alpha Update #2

Published: November 23, 2022
MU Episodes Alpha Update #2

Greetings everyone! After the first weeks of online alpha testing, we have done the second big update.


✅ Fixed the critical damage rate for some buffs;
✅ Fixed some party buffs skills;
✅ Fixed global message slider;
✅ Fixed use of two talismans of the same effect group;
✅ Fix Guild war delay;
✅ Fix mana shield mastered add + mana;
✅ Fix some skills blocked by HackSkillDouble;
✅ Improvements for Discord from in-game chat and events;
✅ Duel Max Time limitation added;
✅ Reconfigured monster spawns in most locations;
✅ In Noria and Lorencia, now you can buy arrows and bolts for Elf
✅ Chaos Castle now works fine;
✅ Fixed messages from some monsters/NPCs;
✅ Added new NPCs in Lorencia City (Chaos Goblin and Jeweler Raul);
✅ Removed all potions of 250 bottles in a stack from the shops. Now only up to 50 bottles;


✅ We have added our official YouTube and Facebook pages on our website footer. Later, you can find new posts and videos from our community and editors;
✅ We have added a Facebook support ticket system because we saw many players who don’t have discord accounts;

We have small polls for our players. Please vote for what you like in our game and what you didn’t like and want to change. All polls will be available on our Discord polls channel

Big thanks to you all for your proposals and feedback!

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