MU Episodes

MU Episodes Alpha Update #1

Published: November 13, 2022
MU Episodes Alpha Update #1

Greetings everyone! We have done the first update after the first day of online alpha testing.


✅ Added in-game shop with Wings, Jewels, skills (on page 2), and some useful items. You can find NPC near storage in Lorencia and Noria. *This store will be available only on the Alpha Test version.*;
✅ Decreased excellent items drop rate;
✅ Increased Zen count drop;
✅ Fixed Discord in-game-chat translation from the game;
✅ Fixed Kanturu 3 movement via the “M” button;
✅ Fixed Gru Hill Pants. They can be equipped after the server restart. Your character will be reconnected to the game if you are online/off-store/off-atack;
✅ Dark Raven and Dark Horse spirits were disabled from the drop. These items will be available in drop-in Episode 2. Now they are still unuseful;
✅ When you move to Tarkan now, you will not auto teleported to Lorencia;


✅ Now, for one voting for the game on the website, you will get 100 free WCoins;
✅ Disabled a few pages that are not configured now for better website usage;

Big thanks to you all for your proposals and feedback!

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