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Сhanging the release date of the game

Published: January 29, 2023
Сhanging the release date of the game

Greetings, everyone!

We want to announce two pieces of news.
1. The team has decided that the configurations are brought to playability, and new players should not feel discomfort and problems while playing the game and getting to know its features. We are not stopping work, but mostly it will be minor adjustments. The economy is pretty hardcore about things right now. This is what we wanted to achieve. We’ll never do resets and wipes, so this is the only way to build a long-term game.
The servers will be transferred to the beta testing stage. That is, there will be no advantages in the game. Additionally, we will award 3,000 W coins to all active players who will provide us with their insights, suggestions, and bugs discovered during beta testing.

The beta test will be completed on 24.02.2023, and the servers will be closed to public access until 04.03.2023.

2. Unfortunately, we are forced to postpone the project launch to start on a larger scale. It’s not because we’re not ready. All preparatory work must be completed by February 4, 2023.
Currently, most platforms’ advertising spaces are bought out by mid-February. We can’t attract a large number of new players on opening day. We wouldn’t want the servers to be empty and the game to seem dull. That is why we are already booking advertising spaces on most platforms to announce the opening, and on March 03, 2023, we expect a big start with many people.

We are sorry to keep you waiting, and we hope you understand.

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