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MU Episodes is a fantasy-style massively multiplayer online game (MMORPG) set on the mythical continent of MU. The vast game world, the ease of the interface, the superbly implemented group quests, and the isometric top view set this game apart from others.

The game is not demanding on the PC, which makes it possible for everyone to enjoy it. And for those who can’t devote much time to games, AFK mode is provided. You don’t have to be at the computer or even leave it on. The character can be left to swing in any location, and you will be busy with other things like work/study/sleep… It is this aspect that wins the hearts of MMORPG lovers.

Participate in PvE and PVP battles, create your guilds and allia,nces and go to war against others in the castle siege. Incredible adventures await you, dozens of locations, hundreds of weapons and armor in one game, where you can feel the freedom of choice, become a monster hunter, killer of other heroes, an excellent commander, or a dealer in rare items. Everything you could want from a game is available in MU Episodes!

Protect the continent

An endless battle between the defenders of the continent and the minions of Kundun rages on as evil threatens to consume the continent of MU. An infinite number of fantasy monsters, demons, and spirits are advancing in the continent’s towns. Fight them anytime, anywhere, online, or AFK, leaving your character in the game.

Dozens of abilities to master, hundreds of items, and legendary monster loot. Level up, create and collect the best items, and fight with other players for a castle on the continent. Test your strength in dozens of locations and hundreds of monsters or PVP events. Fight bosses and visit special events in this vast open world full of adventure. Defeat evil and become the legend of the MU continent.


MU Continent Heroes

Create your character to battle onward against the invaders that blight this continent. Choose from one of four classes, discover a vast array of powerful equipment, and grow anywhere and anytime to become steadfast in the face of darkness and the Kundun army.

Dark Wizard

The Dark Wizards are masters of the magical arts who use their knowledge to deal with powerful magical attacks on enemies with staff-type weapons. Their impressive understanding of magic gives them many spells while fighting their enemies! Dark Wizards are home to Lorencia and have a long history there.

hero 2

Explore MU Continent

Explore MU Continent – Discover the world of MU as you battle through its expansive lands. Join fellow adventurers in parties and guilds, alliances. Exterminate the monsters, delve into special events, and uncover legendary items as you fight for the fate of the MU.








Join epic PVP/PVE fights

Explore MU Continent – Discover the world of MU as you battle through its expansive lands. Join fellow adventurers in parties and guilds, alliances. Exterminate the monsters, delve into special events, and uncover legendary items as you fight for the fate of the MU.

Blood Catle

Chaos Castle


In Game Announces​

Head over to MU Episodes News to get the latest updates & events.

Game Update v1.3

Game Update v1.3

Changelog: Added FO items in inventory for new characters after creation. Added /gift command with small rewards for easy start (5 random useful items) Added Summoner and Rage Fighter buffers in Lorencia Added Kanturu Underground, Ignis Vulcanus in warp service (hotkey “M”) Priest James in Elbeland now sells Brilliant Anvil…
Game Update v1.2

Game Update v1.2

Changelog: Added socket slots for all items level 1000+ New attack speed settings for all classes Some skills improvements Added Demonic & Sacred items to drop from Box of Luck Disabled New Year Event & Santa Invasion. Will be available only in December, January Disabled New Year Event. Will be…
Game Update v1.1

Game Update v1.1

Changelog: Added to the drop from special monsters (Raklion): Ice Walker’s Mane, Mammoth’s Bundle of Fur, Giant’s Icicle, Coolutin’s Poison, Iron Knight’s Heart, Dark Mammoth’s Horn, Dark Giant’s Axe, Dark Coolutin’s Blood, Dark Iron Knight’s Sword Increased drop of new jewels Increased drop seed spheres Rebuild monsters count on spots…
Game Update v1.0

Game Update v1.0

Changelog: Max Master Level now 49 000 New fog effects on some maps Added zen drop (old parameter * 100)  Added jewels, boxes, and quest items to the shop (Lorencia Bar) Added check/block hardware id/ip (server side) Increased max monsters base to 14,000/server. Now more monsters will be spawned on all…
Scheduled Maintenance on September 22-23, 2023 (UTC)

Scheduled Maintenance on September 22-23, 2023 (UTC)

Good day everyone! The game server will be temporarily unavailable due to a planned migration to a more powerful server, security updates, and game settings. The term of work is approximately 1 day. I will let you know as soon as the game is available again. In connection with the…
Game Update v0.2.2

Game Update v0.2.2

Changelog: New items in the Cash Shop Added second sub-server for updates tests (unavailable for entry) Fixed chaos items crafting and other problems with the chaos machine Fixed character’s attack range. Now monsters in skill range always get damaged Small client fixes Game update with all fixes will be uploaded…

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